Owner and Head Veterinarian: Dr. Francisco Iberola

Veterinary Technician: Will Munny

Office Manager: Sue Doe

Veterinary Assistant: Jane Smart

Veterinary Assistant: Jill Sue

Veterinary Assistant: Penny Brown

Dr. Iberola

Dr. Iberola is a qualified doctor with lots of impressive degrees. He has won the prestigious AVMA Animal Welfare Award. He has saved the lives of 2 million cats in his lifetime, and hopes to save many more.

Will Munny

Our technician Will Munny has been working in the pet care industry since a wee tot. He is the best in the business and nobody better stand in his way.

Sue Doe

Sue Doe graduated Sum Cum Laud from John Hopkins Veterinarian School. She divides her time between her awesome job as office manager at FVPCC and her position as team captain of the USA National Chess Team. She is a single mother of 12.

Jane Smart

Jane Smart has been with FVPCC since its humble beginnings as a mobile pet clinic run out of a VW van. In her spare time Jane enjoys knitting, rugby, and the delicate art of souffle making.

Jill Sue

Jill Sue is from a small town in Bhutan. She studied vetting at Nauru College. She enjoys white water rafting with Majestic River Ventures and working out at Flex Time.

Penny Brown

Penny Brown graduated high school in Minnesota. After high school she served with Peace Corps in Turkmenistan. While not working at FVPCC Penny enjoys competitive eating and Polish folk dance.